Have you been wondering if God has abandoned you because you are LGBTQI?

Do you want to share the love of God with your LGBTQI friends?

Don't listen to people's opinions, listen to God's precious promises. With suicide, depression, domestic abuse and drug addiction up to 400% higher in the LGBTQI community, there is a huge need to be reminded that God is full of love. Love by another person can fade. But God's love lasts forever.

Take a moment to get this book and share it with a friend.

Everyone needs to know that they are loved and valued.

Author, Marie White, has faced her share of devastating events and wants to bring the comfort that only God can bring to members of the LGBTQI community. She wants people everywhere to know that there is a God who can be depended on and who reaches out through eternity to comfort them.


What are God's promises to LGBTQI?

Find out how much God loves you and the place that you hold in His heart with sound biblical references. God has filled His word with specific promises for each person. Bask in the glow of His never-ending love and discover His great plan for you.

Special features include: 
-Ornate page layouts 
-Encouraging quotes 
-Special chapters on Equality and Freedom 
-Multiple translations 
-A "Glimpse into the Bible" section 
-Identifiers for which testament each verse comes from 
-Recommended reading list 
-Corresponding website 
-Author follow up 

No one wants to face life alone. God says that we never have to. 


Jesus Said
Common Questions
A Glimpse Into The Bible (with sub-chapters)

Press Release

New Book Shares God’s Love with LGBT Community

January 2, 2016

Memphis, Tennessee – For a long time, the people of the LGBT community have felt abandoned by their friends and family because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Many have even questioned their faith. This is a problem that not only affects adults, but is amplified for teenagers. Statistics show that between 25% and 50% of homeless children identify as LGBTQI. LGBT teens are at greater risk of suicide and substance abuse as well.

Author Marie White was inspired to spread the message that God loves people, with the LGBT community.

“LGBTQI individuals need to know that they are loved,” White said. "Feeling loved empowers people to go after their dreams."

White’s new book entitled “God’s Love for LGBTQI” is the first book from a straight, Christian perspective, which reaches LGBTQI readers with God’s love. It also allows parents who struggle with their child’s gender identity to reach out in a loving way. 

“Knowing that you are not alone and that God is there for you can make all the difference,” White said.

This book is currently for sale at Amazon.com and has already received 5-star ratings and reviews.

Why Marie Writes for the LGBT Community

Domestic abuse is substantially higher within LGBT relationships than in heterosexual relationships.

Http://www.advocate.com/crime/2014/09/04/2-studies-prove-domestic-violence-lgbt-issue states "that 21.5 percent of men and 35.4 percent of women living with a same-sex partner experienced intimate-partner physical violence in their lifetimes, compared with 7.1% and 20.4% for men and women, respectively, with a history of only opposite-sex cohabitation."

Http://www.healthyplace.com/gender/glbt-mental-health/lgbt-youth-and-mental-health-concerns/ gives the following statistics:

“35% of LGB youth reported a suicide attempt in the last 12 months”

“LGBT youth have a much higher rate of substance use than do their heterosexual peers. In a study published in 2008, when compared to heterosexual youth:

The odds of substance use in LGB youth were 190% higher

The odds of substance use in bisexual youth were 340% higher

The odds of substance use in lesbian youth were 400% higher”

The Safe Schools website, http://www.pflagnyc.org/safeschools/statistics, gives the following statistics with regard to LGBTQI teens:

“Gay teens are 8.4 times more likely to report having attempted suicide and 5.9 times more likely to report high levels of depression…”

“Studies indicate that between 25% and 50% of homeless youth are LGBT and on the streets because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

LGBT youth are over represented in foster care, juvenile detention, and among homeless youth.”